Charting and Pivot Tables in Excel

I was reading an article today that showed what was said to be a great example of a good chart.  By looking at it I have to completely disagree.  The chart is supposed to demonstrate the relationship between the percentage of the population in various countries that have a BMI of greater than 30, versus the minutes spent eating per day.  In actuality, this chart really doesn’t show any relationships or correlations, and is essentially a bunch of random data points.  Perhaps if the x axis variable were something more relevant, it might then be a useful chart.

If we need a chart that is constantly changing because of varying data, we could use a pivot table.  Pivot tables “are used when we want to create a dynamic chart.  Dynamic charts are best applied when either (a) the underlying data is frequently changing or (b) we want to quickly and easily play with the chart organization and presentation”.  For a good example of pivot charts and how to create one, you can go here.


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